Webinar: UV Disinfection of Food Packaging

Learn about legal guidelines, benefits and alternative technologies.

UV Disinfection of Food Packaging

UV disinfection for form, fill and sealing machines provide an economical, reliable and environmentally friendly method for reducing germ load by 99.9% to 99.999% during packaging of paste-like, powdery and liquid foods such as yogurt, condiments, infant formula, and fresh milk.

Learn about the necessity of disinfection for germ reduction during the food and beverage filling process, UV disinfection solution approaches and comparisons to alternative technologies.

Key Take-Aways

  • Legal guidelines
  • How UV disinfection works
  • Benefits of UV disinfection in food packaging processes
  • Alternative technology comparisons

Who should attend

  • Decision makers and users in the food processing industry and packaging operations
  • Manufacturers of food packaging and filling machines (pasty, liquid and powdery foods)
  • Engineers, R & D, Product Management