Drying and curing of paints on glass and ceramics

Drying and curing of UV paints on glass and ceramics

Bright and brilliant paints on glass and ceramics require safe solutions for drying and curing. The paint must be completely dried or cured before the next processing step can take place on the printed glass. Depending on the paint and the shape of the material, UV lamps, IR emitters or a combination of both are used for drying and curing.

Drying and Curing with Infrared Heat

Infrared transfers energy to materials without contact, generates heat where it is required and, consequently, is especially efficient in drying colours, inks and coatings.

Application example:

Video about low temperature gold curing on glass

Drying and Curing with UV technology

Heraeus develops innovative high-performance solutions that are energy-efficient and economic to increase the speed and improve the stability of the curing process. The customer benefits from our UV portfolio which comprises the entire range of technological solutions: standard microwave lamps, medium-pressure lamps and innovative UV LEDs.

Your advantages with infrared heat and UV radiation