Infrared, UV and flash for processing glass

Drying, curing, adhesive bonding, preheating or heating up

Infrared emitters, UV or flash lamps are made of quartz glass. This is what gives them their special properties.
These special lamps help to process safety glass, produce mirrors, print car windows or curing beautiful coatings as decoration on perfume bottles.

  • Medium-wave infrared heating corresponds optimally to the absorption of glass
  • Gold reflector on the emitters directs the heat precisely to the part of the product to be heated
  • Infrared emitters are precisely matched to material and process
  • High heat transfer capacity and contact free heat transfer result in high efficiency
  • efficient energy transfer due to the optimal wavelength
  • Focused energy input due to adaptation to the shape of the products
  • Energy only as long as needed, due to fast reaction times

  • Higher production output
  • High intensity for high production speeds and process reliability during curing
  • Environmentally friendly - no solvents or heavy metals and energy efficient
  • Better pressure limitation
  • Easier color matching
  • Improved durability according to decorative glass printing requirements, e.g. adhesion and chemical resistance
  • Easier recycling because the UV inks burn up in the recycling process