Drying and curing of plastic coatings

Drying and curing of plastic coatings

Electronic devices, modern cars and computers contain many components made of plastics. Gear levers, keyboards, key panels and decorative components are printed, coated with a transparent varnish or a coloured base coat to achieve a perfect surface.

Depending on the process and the plastic coating, what you need for drying is a heat solution, a UV solution or a combination of both technologies.

Drying and Curing with Infrared Heat

Infrared radiation penetrates into the material more or less deep depending on the paint system and dries the paint film from the inside to the outside. Skin or bubble formation on the surface is prevented and the paint dries faster. The result is a brilliant surface quality. The boundary conditions are defined by the paint system.

Application examples

  • Water-based paint on bumpers
  • Airbag fabrics
  • Sockets and switches
  • Protective varnish on keypads
  • Printing inks

Drying and Curing with UV technology

A large number of plastic products are printed with UV-curing paints or sprayed with transparent coats which are then cured by means of UV radiation. The coating cured with UV light is scratch-resistant and improves the plastic product's looks and performance.

Application examples:

  • Cellphone casings, TV set casings
  • Decorative car interior and exterior components, headlamp lenses
  • Food packaging, beverage bottles, yoghurt pots, polystryrene cups
  • Eyeglass lenses
  • Advertising materials
  • Computer keyboards

Your advantages with infrared heat and UV radiation