Drying and curing of coatings with UV and infrared

You would like to offer your customers brilliant and scratch-proof surfaces, but at the same time achieve highest possible efficiency in your processes. Infrared and UV solutions help you achieve this.

Curing and drying of coatings with UV and infrared heat

Coatings on metals, plastics, glass, wood or ceramic substrates, two-dimensional or three-dimensional substrates - countless different coating processes are used in industrial production.
All coatings, whether paints, inks or adhesives, require a perfect,dry and cured surface.
Depending on the process and the coating for curing, infrared heat, UV light or a combination of both technologies,
like "  Hybrid Cure ", are efficient solutions.

Drying and curing with infrared heat

Infrared emitters are adjusted to the product and the process, and not the other way round. They emit energy precisely at the wavelength that is best absorbed by and converted into heat within the respective material. They can be precisely shaped to follow the contours of the product where just very small areas are to be heated.
They transfer heat radiation without contact, with high power and within seconds.

Drying and curing with UV technology

UV radiation efficiently cures coatings such as paints, inks and adhesives within seconds. This allows prompt further processing of the product. Moreover, paints and adhesives need almost no solvents and, in most cases, less energy is consumed.
In addition, UV-cured surfaces are long-life and resistant to abrasion and scratching.

Your advantages with infrared heat and UV radiation