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Fill yoghurt germ-free, make bread last longer, sterilize bottles and lids, process chocolate and analyze all ingredients carefully – our specialty light sources support your application. The numerous applications in the food industry have one thing in common: Hygienic and gentle processing have the highest priority.

With innovative specialty lighting solutions, you can optimize your products and processes. Our solutions help ensure your customers can enjoy attractive, long-life and safe food products that meet the latest nutritional trends.

The best recipe for your food:

Our special light sources for disinfection, heat processes and light analyses.


Reliable disinfection with UV light

Reliable disinfection with UV light

UV disinfection Joghurt

Safe, environmentally friendly and germ-free.That is the claim. In hardly any other area is hygiene as important as it is with food. Our UV disinfection applications provide safe and environmentally friendly protection, removing bacteria and viruses not only from surfaces, but also from air and water. And without any chemicals at all.

Germ reduction up to 99.9 percent – Fraunhofer-tested. The BlueLight® UV modules are specially designed for the food industry and reliably destroy pathogens in seconds – 99.9 %. This is also confirmed by the test report of the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging in Germany.

Applications with UV Technology:

Our UV products for the food industry:

Infrared heat makes food more attractive

Infrared heat makes food more attractive


Heat to the point: With contact-free and targeted heating, our infrared special light sources make production and packaging more efficient – and your food more appetising and attractive. This makes snacks and desserts irresistible and new, unique food products possible.

Whether for processing or filling chocolates, pre-browning ready meals or heating surfaces: The food industry requires exact temperatures. Our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly infrared heaters provide heat exactly when you need it, without preheating – saving energy and with minimal maintenance.

 Infrared heat for the food industry - Overview brochure

Examples of applications for infrared heat:

  • Assemble chocolate halves
  • Browning of ready meals
  • Browns desserts, biscuits or cake: IR heat makes it easier to crush almonds, caramelize sugar and gives cheesecake an appealing color
  • Reduces germs on bread surfaces prior to packing for longer shelf life
  • Improves taste by browning ham or frying hamburgers
  • Reduces germs and dries bakery tools

Our IR products for safe heating processes

Together with you, we determine the parameters required for your system. Experienced engineers and technicians accompany you and help you select the right emitters and systems.

Precise food analyses

Precise food analyses


Melamine in milk, horsemeat in lasagna, engine oil in olive oil, or glycol in wine can be detected by spectroscopic analysis. More and more consumers today are paying attention to what is in their food and how they can eat more conscientiously. Many have to avoid certain ingredients. Others are looking for a new taste experience.

In modern food processing, a number of additives help to make a product last longer and be healthier for consumers. Sugar and salt content are controlled to prevent obesity and heart disease. The exact determination of trace elements or impurities makes food more digestible.

Light-accurate measurements: Our lamps allow for precise and reliable analysis when using high-pressure chromatography (HPLC), UV/Vis and atomic absorption spectroscopy.

 More information about our application areas for analytical lamps

Our products for light-accurate analyses:

Good to know: UV and IR for Food Packaging

Good to know: UV and IR for Food Packaging

Did you know many packaging materials, labels and containers are decorated, coated, and even shrink wrapped using UV curing and IR heating? UV-curable and waterborne inks and coatings improve functionality and appearance on cardboard, paper, glass, plastic and metal food packaging. UV and IR curing and drying improves packaging quality and the production process while lowering operating costs on glass bottle decorating and beverage can lines, printing and converting lines for cartons, pouches, cups, and other food packaging.

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