Drying and curing of paint on wood with UV and infrared

Drying and curing of paint an wood with UV and infrared heat

To keep high-quality wooden furniture or precious parquet flooring appealing for a long time, their surfaces need to be elaborately prepared and sealed. In long processes that are often repeated, fillers, varnishes or paints are applied to the surface of the wood and cured layer by layer. Much energy is used in this curing process to achieve the best possible results. In times of rising energy prices, it is worthwhile to invest in energy-saving equipment.

Depending on the process and the coating what you need for drying is a heat solution, a UV solution or a combination of both technologies.

Drying and Curing with Infrared Heat

Infrared radiation transmits energy without contact into materials where it creates heat and in this way can especially efficiently dry paints or primers, melt powder coatings or remove residual moisture without damaging the wood. In this way, quality is improved and further processing of the wood can be started sooner.

Application examples:

  • Drying of water-based adhesives for wood veneer
  • Drying of water-based stain on wood
  • Gelling and curing of powder coating on MDF boards
  • Embossing of laminate
  • Drying of laminate

Drying and Curing with UV technology

In a UV curing process, especially temperature-sensitive materials such as wood are cured both inside and at the surface within seconds and with gentle use of energy. The surface is dry, abrasion-proof and immediately ready for the next processing steps. UV-curing coatings improve resistance to staining and scratching, anti-slip properties and ease of cleaning.

Application examples:

  • Parquet
  • Hardwood strips
  • Wooden furniture

Your advantages with infrared heat and UV radiation