Special purpose lamps ensure clean water

Water is vital. The need for clean water increases all over the world.
With intelligent product solutions and ultraviolet technologies, Noblelight makes analysis and treatment of drinking water environmentally compatible and sustainable.
Drinking water has to meet high requirements with respect to the chemicals in it and microbiological properties.

Highest precision for sensitive water analyses

Lamps for highest precision for sensitive water analyses

Pesticides and other organic compounds in river and drinking water are identified and their amounts are precisely determined by means of special spectroscopic methods. Deuterium lamps support these highly sensitive analyses as a light source and help make visible even traces of undesired contamination.

UV lamps for water treatment

UV lamps for water treatment

Water treatment with high-energy UV radiation is an established eco-friendly method. Chemicals such as chlorine or ozone need not be added. Special UV lamps not only destroy microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, but can also decompose noxious chemicals.