Lamps for laser system for welding, cutting, drilling and marking

Your customer needs reliable laser tools for exact welding and cutting. Laser lamps of consistently good quality are decisive.
With our powerful excitation lamps, your lasers provide reproducible results.

Laser system for welding, cutting, drilling and marking

Laser systems are the modern tool of choice for many types of processes, from welding, cutting, drilling and engraving.

Flash lamps are used as the pump source and can be operated in either Pulsed or CW (continuous) modes, gas fill types vary from Xenon or Krypton gas or a mixture of both. The envelope material is always Quartz glass, which can be doped to enhance the output of the lamp to specific wavelengths. Flash lamp pumped lasers can operate at high average powers, with Pulse durations in the millisecond regime and repetition rate up to many kilohertz.

Noblelight draws on decades of research and experience of developing flashlamp technology, in conjunction with industry leading Laser equipment OEMs. We match our lamp technology to the system operating parameters to ensure the best flashlamp performance and lifetime is achieved.

Your advantages for laser welding, cutting, drilling and marking