The production of complex molds for wings or aircraft tail sections benefits from infrared or flash technology
Airplanes benefit from infrared or flash technology

Composites are increasingly being used in the aerospace industry, as they help contribute to lighter aircraft and consequently help reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

BlueLight® Flash System
Now available: Our new BlueLight® Flash System

The BlueLight® Flash System disinfects food packaging of liquid and viscous food including beverage bottle caps

Interesting can be found on our Heraeus Noblelight Youtube channel.
Heraeus Noblelight on YouTube

Interesting videos on Infrared, UV and much more can be found on our Youtube channel.

Why we are sustainable, energy efficient and green
Why we are sustainable, energy efficient and green

UV, IR and Flash for Environment, Carbon Footprint and Green Future

Infrared dries, UV cures - simple?
Infrared dries, UV cures - simple?

Are you planning to switch to new coatings, use energy more efficiently, minimize the CO2 footprint? Talk to the experts for infrared heat processes and UV technology!

Heraeus Noblelight

UV Technology and Infrared Heat for Industrial and Analytical Processes

Solving your challenges is our top priority. Whether you want to optimize existing applications or win new markets - productive light gives you a lasting competitive edge. Our high quality photonic solutions from ultraviolet to infrared provide better financial returns, improved process reliability and more innovation in your industrial manufacturing, scientific and medical applications.

Discover what productive light can do.

Heraeus experts in the media

Heraeus Noblelight awarded

Heraeus Noblelight awarded "Best Paper" in SIA Magazine

May 2023 - Larisa von Riewel, Simone Rudolf and Jonas Breitenbach received the "Best Paper" award from SIA Magazine for their paper "Microscopic investigation of the slurry drying process and binder migration in Li-ion battery anodes using multiscale-simulation methods".

Heraeus Noblelight in der Presse: Larisa und Doerte

Heraeus Noblelight on the Siemens story page (EN)

July 2022 - Dörte Eggers and Larisa von Riewel, R&D Heraeus Noblelight, report on the successful testing of new software, which will help to save time for complex simulation projects.

IR welding for design engineers

IR welding for design engineers

August 2022: Michael Jauch explains the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies when joining plastic parts and shows how infrared heat can optimize welding.

Marie-Luise Bopp in Process Heating

Heraeus Noblelight in Process Heating

May 2022: Marie-Luise Bopp shows in brief case stories how using infrared heating can improve production speed and help optimize final product quality.

Michael Edwards discusses Optimization of Xenon flashlamp heating in thermoplastic AFP

Heraeus Noblelight gives talk on optimisation of xenon flashlamp heating in thermoplastic AFP at CAMX 2021

October 2021 Michael Edwards presents the 'Optimization of Xenon flashlamp heating in Thermoplastic Automated Fibre Placement at CAMX 2021