Clean Water. Pure Air.

As Mother Nature intended: Superior UV lamps and systems for purifying water and air.

Humans, animals, plants - we all need clean air to breathe and water to survive. The demand for clean drinking water is increasing worldwide. Mother Nature calls for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to keep the air and water clean.

With intelligent product solutions and ultraviolet technologies, Noblelight makes treating air and water environmentally friendly and sustainable. We offer superior UV lamps and systems for every disinfection demand and treatment specification. Benefit from innovative technologies and developments which are:

Solutions for reliable water and air treatment

Learn more about our capabilities to exactly meet your UV oxidation and germicidal application needs.

Reliable water treatment solutions

Industrial waste water, municipal drinking water and sewer treatment, and other water treatment using high-energy UV radiation is an established eco-friendly method. No need to add chemicals such as chlorine or ozone. Special UV lamps not only destroy microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, but can also decompose noxious chemicals.

Safe air treatment solutions

Unpleasant odors, pollutants, greases and microorganisms may contaminate the air, but UV radiation is a cost-efficient alternative for many air treatment and disinfection processes. Noblelight offers various lamp technologies for industrial use to treat polluted air and designs the optimal UV solution jointly with you for your individual air treatment application.

Solutions for sensitive analytical measurements of water, air and soil

Learn more about high-quality light sources for analytical instruments used for pollution control, water quality or soil monitoring:

Air Pollution Control and Monitoring

Air pollution caused by ozone, nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter puts a burden on the environment and impairs human health. Measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by means of portable photoionization detectors (PIDs) enables quick, cost-efficient and reproducible analyses.

Learn more about lamp solutions for pollution monitoring:

Water quality monitoring and analyses

Special spectroscopic methods precisely identify and determine the amount of pesticides and other organic compounds in river and drinking water. Deuterium lamps support these highly sensitive analyses and help make even trace amounts of undesired contamination visible. Learn more about different lamp types for consistently high measurement:

Soil Monitoring

Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) enables precise measurement of inorganic compounds to check the concentration and purity of substances. For example, measuring arsenic in drinking water, or molybdenum in soil samples, which can cause rickets in cattle and sheep. Moreover, AAS helps assess the profitability of mines by measuring the metal content in ores. Learn more about lamps used for AAS:

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