Stable analytical lamps for precise analysis and measurement

Your customer needs reproducible and precise analysis processes with reliable results. This requires reliable and long-life light sources. High-quality lamps are the solution.

Analysis and measurement of gases, liquids and solid must be as precise as possible to obtain exact results. Typical processes are absorption, reflection, transmission, fluorescence and ionisation.

Developing high-quality analytical instrumentation for these processes requires light sources that match the performance of the instrument. Deuterium lamps, hollow cathode lamps and other specialty light sources from Noblelight's instrument-specific ranges are not only engineered for a long lifetime, which supports the lowest Cost-of-Ownership in your system, but also for the highest repeatable precision so users benefit from the most consistent and sensitive analysis.

Over the years, Noblelight has developed a lamp technology that meets the ever increasing demands of instrument manufacturers in terms of extremely low detection limits and high sensitivity.

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