Disinfection and sterilisation of water, air and surfaces

You need germ-free surfaces, water or air. To accomplish this, microorganisms need to be inactivated within seconds and reliably.
With intensive UV lamps and systems, you can achieve exactly this.

Sterilisation and disinfection

In industrial applications, disinfection and germ reduction with UV light is used in numerous processes. Process water is disinfected and treated to reuse it, the number of germs and bacteria in the air is reliably reduced to improve hygiene and storage conditions, surfaces of packaging are disinfected to extend shelf-life of foods.

Disinfection with ultraviolet light is a cost-effective and environmentally-compatible alternative to frequently used chemical processes.

Short-wave UVC radiation has an intensive bactericidal effect and renders harmless within seconds viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Moreover, the microorganisms cannot become resistant to UV radiation.

See for yourself what can be disinfected with UV light!
Here some application examples:

Your advantages with UV light