Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems From Heraeus Noblelight

Infrared solutions from Heraeus Noblelight are globally recognized throughout the coating, finishing and thermoforming industries. This is due to the ability of gas catalytical infrared systems to produce a highly controlled infrared heat that tagets coatings instead of the substrate. This flameless and energy efficient reaction is generated utilizing either natural or propane gas.

Each optimally designed oven is pre-programmed with stand by mode. When activated, the oven drops to minimal output status, allowing for line changes or employee breaks.
With the press of a button, the entire system resumes full production temperature within minutes, saving time and money.

By combining safety, energy efficiency and reduced footprint, we make our Vulcan catalyticâ„¢ ovens an obvious choce for the environmentally conscious professional.

Gas Catalytic Infrared Solution Portfolio

Gas Catalytic Infrared Applications

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