Gas Catalytic High Efficiency Panels

Gas catalytic IR High Efficiency (HE) panels form Heraeus Noblelight ensure more efficient use of the supplied gas. They heat up faster and have more responsive control. Gas catalytic HE panels are ideal for applications requiring greater heat.

Vulcan Catalytic® HE – Gas Catalytic High Efficiency Panels

  • lower natural gas or propane consumption
  • increased power versus standard panels
  • surface temperature 350°F - 1000°F
  • flameless reaction
  • even heat distribution
  • fast response time
  • CO2 + H2O emission

Our standard panels and HE panels are available with FM, CSA and CE certification!

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Remanufacturing of Gas Catalytic IR Panels

Oxidized heater
After 40,000 plus hours, white ash builds up on the surface of the heater. Powder has also built up on the reflective surfaces thus reducing efficiency of the oven. This can cause cure times to increase.

By their inherent design and technology, Gas Catalytic IR heaters are very reliable and will operate for over 40,000 hours before they will need any maintenance or refurbishment. There are no moving parts to fail. However, if Gas Catalytic ovens are used in the powder coating industry, there is a chance of powder migrating from the powder booth, into the oven. This can cause two issues:

  • Powder landing on the surface of heater will oxidize and form a white ash. Over time this ash builds up and reduces the amount of Oxygen reaching the catalyst, thus reducing the heat output.
  • Airborne powder particles land on the reflective surfaces of the lower sections of the oven, reducing the reflectivity and thus the efficiency of the cure process.

Is There a Solution for Remanufacturing?

Fortunately, yes. Heraeus Noblelight offers a full program for the remanufacturing / refurbishment of gas catalytic IR panels and a service to bring the reflective surfaces of the oven back to full efficiency. We can carry out refurbishment of gas catalytic heaters manufactured by other companies and our superior catalyst impregnation process will make them more efficient than when they were new. The refurbishment process involves rebuilding the heater with a new catalytic pad and screen, new pre heat element and thermo switch, followed by testing.

Restore the performance of your gas catalytic IR oven!