Remanufacturing of Gas Catalytic Heater Panels Improves Oven Performance

Parts not drying or curing?

Having to adjust recipes or slow the line down to get the finish you were seeking? These costly outcomes may have nothing to do with your paint or line speed. Over time, heater panels may become contaminated by dust or debris. Sometimes, panels may be coated with paint or other material from other processes in the plant. When this happens, it is time to have the heater panel remanufactured.

Restore your oven´s performance by remanufacturing your gas catalytic heater panels!

What we offer for remanufacturing of gas catalytic IR panels:

Gas catalytic infrared heater panels need a remanufacturing from time to time

• Inspect preheater elements, replace as necessary

• Inspect Safety Switches, replace as necessary

• Replace catalyst pad

• Replace protective scrim

• Bench test for BTU output

• Package and return

Before re-manufacture of gas catalytic IR panel

gas catalytic IR panel before re-manufacture

Infrared image shows “cool” areas of BTU output.

After re-manufacture of gas catalytic IR panel

Gas catalytic IR panel after re-manufacture

Note the homogenous BTU heat output. This offers more controllable and consistent finishes on parts.

Give us a call to discuss what we can offer to get your gas catalytic IR oven panels back to maximum operational efficiency!

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