Gold Bonding Wires

The requirements for applications become more demanding, in particular with regard to the consolidation of more power in less space. Heraeus addresses these challenges with our gold bonding wire with a diameter up to a size of 0.6 mils / 15 microns for very fine applications.

Gold Bonding Wire

Finer structures and harsher conditions drive the development of the well-established gold bonding wires. For modern applications you need a wide variety of possibilities, depending on the exact requirements of your application. Heraeus offers a wide selection of ball, wedge and stud bonding wires in a varied portfolio of 4N 99.99 / 3N 99.9 / 2N 99.0 gold bonding wires types. All wires can be adapted exactly to your needs.

For the selection of the ideal solution, our specialists with years of experience support you with their technical expertise and application know-how. On-site, they help you on the evaluation and qualification, especially on complex issues and configurations. Tests in our application and technology center enable us to test your adaptations directly in the application. Save time and money with Heraeus as a qualified partner and accelerate your developing process.

Furthermore our expert team innovates new solutions to cover the demands of the future.

Gold Wire Segmentation by Properties
Gold Wire Segmentation by Properties

Heraeus offers you a wide selection and a varied portfolio of 4N 99.99 / 3N 99.9 / 2N 99.0 gold bonding wires types for selection to fit different segments, applications, requirements and problems. All Gold alloy bonding wires are corrosion resistant and have a homogeneous chemical composition and stable mechanical properties.

Your advantages in working with Heraeus:

  • Exactly the right solution for your application, adapted to your needs
  • Advanced reliability: our 2N gold bonding wires have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh temperature cycles and high temperature storage conditions.
  • Advanced support by specialists: Our dedicated and global applications team has extensive experience and expertise to support you and advice for new applications and devices.
  • Accelerated development through testing possibilities in our internal technology center
  • Very fast access to our production sites, as there are five factories in safe countries in Singapore, Korea, Germany and China.
  • Reliable supply chain due to bilateral backup of these facilities
  • Applicable in highest processing speeds.
  • Compliant to industry standards: All wires meet the SGS/RoHS requirements and are thus licensed.

The applications of gold bonding wires are diverse and find practice in virtually all major areas such as industry or in daily life:

Consumer electronics & computing:

  • Smartphones & phones
  • PCs
  • Tablets
  • TVs
  • Servers & systems
  • Imaging devices
  • Wearable electronics

Medical equipment:

  • IVD
  • Imaging
  • CV therapies
  • Orthopedics & spine


  • Body
  • Safety
  • Infotainment
  • Chassis
  • Powertrain
  • Security

Aerospace & defense:

  • Commercial aircrafts
  • Defense

Other transportation:

  • Ships & boats
  • Railway & rolling stock
  • Two-wheelers


  • Wireless
  • Wired
  • Satellite
  • NFC


  • Generation
  • Transmission & distribution
  • Storage

Ball bonding gold wires

Gold Wire Segmentation by Application

Heraeus offers a wide selection of gold ball bonding wires in a full range of diameters to suit your applications, from high-power and discrete components to high pin-count, ultra-fine pitch devices.

Within three major classifications of Heraeus ball bonding gold wires, the right wire can be found for any ball bonding application. These groups take into account mechanical strength and looping characteristics (high and low loop).

Stud bumping gold wires

Stud Bumping Gold Wires

Heraeus has developed gold wire products specifically for advanced stud bumping of wafers and other materials used in flip-chip and chip-to-chip applications.

Heraeus gold stud bumping wires provide versatility for all types of bumping applications including standard stud, coined, and stacked bumps. Available in either 2N or 4N compositions, it delivers consistent bump height and long-term bond stability.

Wedge bonding gold wires

Our wedge bonding gold wires are optimized for tail and loop consistency and provide excellent bondability for high-frequency and opto-electronic applications.

Heraeus wedge bonding wires have been engineered to achieve low, consistent loop profiles for consistent impedance in high frequency applications.

They exhibit excellent bondability on the widest range of semiconductor materials and contact metallization as well as substrate metallization. Superior tail consistency rounds out the capabilities of this very versatile bonding wire.