About Excelitas Noblelight - We make light productive - photonics-based solutions from UV to IR

Excelitas Noblelight counts itself among the market and technology leaders worldwide for specialty light sources with wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared for industrial, scientific, and medical applications.

Photonic based solutions from uv to infrared

Our main markets are:

• Analytics

• Automotive

• Coatings

• Electronics/Printed Electronics

• Environmental Protection

• Food

• Medical

• Printing and Packaging

• Semiconductor

• Water and Waste Water

With locations in Germany, the United Kingdom, China, and the USA, Excelitas Noblelight manufactures lamps for analytical measurement technology and the printing industry, infrared emitters for industrial heating processes, arc and flash lamps, and products for water disinfection and air treatment, as well as sun simulation and photochemistry with a high level of vertical integration.