40 Years Noblelight

A Bright Past, a Powerful Future

In 2019, Heraeus Noblelight Ltd., a business unit of the Heraeus Group at that time, celebrated four decades of technology innovation, investment, and customer focus!

Our bright past

John and David Littlechild of HNL
John and David Littlechild of Heraeus Noblelight Ltd.

Starting in 1979 with just three employees, Heraeus Noblelight Ltd. (originally named Noblelight) began by focusing on and developing excitation lamps for lasers.

As the laser market expanded rapidly from research to industrial applications, so did our products. We developed the first “long life” CW (continuous) laser lamps, named the Supalamp Series, and significantly increased the operating life of flash lamp technologies to meet a wide range of industrial customer applications requiring robust lamp-pumped lasers used for cutting, marking and engraving.

Old Noblelight Logo

In 1987 the company became part of Heraeus Group which has been delivering technology across the globe for more than 160 years. This new ownership provided stronger financial backing and access to advanced lamp manufacturing technology including quartz glass expertise. Understanding customer needs in new applications led to the development of flash lamps for non-laser applications such as solar simulation and cosmetic IPL.

In our most recent decade we invested in and engineered our own automated flash lamp manufacturing process. As a result, we were proud to receive the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2015. More importantly, this improved quality and operating life to such a degree that flash lamps now see continued use in applications previously predicted to lose out to other technologies.

Creating a powerful future

Today Excelitas Noblelight Ltd. has over 100 employees who research, design, manufacture, and service a large global customer base. Product offerings include flash lamps for Automotive, Medical, Cosmetic and Industrial applications that need high intensity broadband light, as well as in many areas requiring rapid thermal processing.

We’re excited about applying what we’ve learned and the discoveries to come.

Applying what we’ve learned about innovation and customer service

AF Lamp Selection

A focus on innovation and customer service propels us forward to create a powerful future. Whether it’s innovations in our own manufacturing processes or new product innovations, both enable us to better serve our customers.

The experience we gained designing and building our own manufacturing automation and test equipment in-house, resulted in our core competency to engineer and build complete flash lamp systems and processes with and for our customers. We’ve doubled our engineering and design staff over the last year to meet customer demands, now and into the future, for complete flash lamp systems.

We’ve learned being responsive and supportive to our customers, from the earliest design stages to after sales support, creates mutual success. Our customers can launch products more quickly due to our:

  • Low volume run capabilities
  • Short runs or prototype production
  • Custom design and manufacturing capabilities

Our designers and engineers know how to work as an integral member of customer research and development teams to support and collaborate with them to create their next generation manufacturing processes and products using our flash lamp systems. This enables faster research and development cycles for our customers.

Discoveries to come


Who knows what the future holds, but working alongside our customers we can help them create new flash lamp based systems and manufacturing processes that don’t exist today. Research and development engineers and designers can work alongside our engineers and utilize our photonics application center to understand new possibilities, test ideas, and speed development of new manufacturing processes.

Processes needing high heat without damage to heat sensitive substrates and rapid thermal processing offer the most potential. Applications such as printed electronics, semiconductor, packaging, composites, and who knows what else will emerge to provide opportunities for the future.

Together we can discover what is possible! Call us to explore ideas, run tests, or discuss your project.