Advanced UV for Life e.V." - Association for the Promotion of UV Semiconductor Technologies

Communication platform, cooperation exchange and interest group - Noblelight actively supports research, development and applications of efficient UV technologies.

UV technologies can be used in a variety of ways and open up opportunities for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. In times of the corona pandemic, the contribution UV technology can make becomes particularly clear. The association "Advanced UV for Life e.V. - Association for the Promotion of UV Semiconductor Technologies" would like to advance technological solutions rapidly and transfer them quickly from research to commercial application.

Advanced UV for Life e.V.

About Advanced UV for Life e.V.

Advanced UV for Life e.V. connects top research in the field of UV LED light sources and users of UV technologies. The association brings together bundles competencies from industry and science along the entire value chain - from the UV LED concept to applications in the fields of medicine, disinfection, life sciences, environmental technology, sensor technology and manufacturing technologies.

With the incredible momentum in the development of efficient and powerful UV radiation sources and UV sensors, especially UV LEDs, UV photodiodes and UV laser diodes, a variety of innovative UV technologies can be expected in the near future. The association has set itself the goal of further accelerating this.

Advanced UV for Life is part of the "Twenty20 - Partnership for Innovation" program funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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