More intensive and space saving at the same time: new UV system optimizes the disinfection of food packaging

The new BlueLight Hygienic System from Heraeus Noblelight optimizes the disinfection process in the packaging plant at Jorgensen Engineering. The new system contains the particularly powerful UV low pressure technology and thus offers very high disinfection rates with a small footprint. At Jorgensen Engineering the new UV system has reduced the space requirement by 60%. In addition, energy costs have been reduced by approximately 30% compared to other UV systems.

Bluelight Hygienic System
BlueLight Hygenic System delivers the highest production rates with the most effective germ killing for form, fill and seal (FFS) machines. (Copyright: Heraeus Noblelight GmbH)

Efficient and powerful disinfection systems are a must, especially for packaging systems for sensitive products such as baby food. Powdered milk for babies should be preserved for as long as possible and kept germ-free. An important process step during filling is therefore the disinfection of empty cans with intensive UV light to effectively kill bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. This must take place in a clean room, and this should only be as large as necessary, because the maintenance of high-purity systems is cost-intensive.

: At Jorgensen Engineering the new UV system from Heraeus Noblelight has reduced the space requirement by 60%. (Copyright Jorgensen Engineering A/S, Odense, DK)

Intensive disinfection with the smallest possible footprint

Jorgensen Engineering in Denmark designs and manufactures complete filling and packaging lines for the food, infant food and pharmaceutical industries. Jorgensen's machines are environmentally friendly, reliable, low-maintenance and easy to handle thanks to the use of the latest technology. Every customer has different requirements for his production plant, as not all foodstuffs can be treated in the same way. Whether it is an existing production line or a newly designed machine, Jorgensen tailors the turnkey solution to the customer's specific needs based on its extensive experience. The disinfection process is also adapted, for example by the speed of the conveyors and the UV dose. However, one requirement is the same for almost everyone - the footprint should be as small as possible to make cost-intensive cleanrooms as efficient as possible.

By installing the new Heraeus UV module, the  BlueLight Hygienic System , the space required for disinfection can be reduced by 60%. The Heraeus system is the most powerful UV low-pressure system on the market. Compared to other UV systems, it offers the highest disinfection rates at 30% lower energy costs. The integration of the BlueLight Hygienic® system from Heraeus Noblelight into their filling and packaging lines has enabled Jorgensen to offer their infant formula customers and other customers who require a higher level of disinfection the next step of the higher hygiene class designation "clean" (> 3.0 log reduction).

Reliably longer food shelf life, reduced product recall risk

The BlueLight Hygienic System is a modular UVC disinfection unit and offers high UV intensity with the most effective germ elimination for form, fill and seal machines (FFS). The system provides food and beverage processors with reliable 3-log reduction of most reference germs in the food industry (Aspergillus brasiliensis, Salmonella, Coli, including spores of yeast and mould or viruses such as Poliovirus or Adenovirus). Food and beverage processors achieve a reliably longer shelf life and a lower product recall risk at significantly lower production costs. Similar to other UV sterilization and disinfection solutions from Heraeus Noblelight, the BlueLight Hygienic System uses no chemicals or water and is therefore ideally suited for in-line packaging in the food, beverage and dairy industries. The innovative disinfection system is also easy to clean and ensures safety in food processing (DIN ISO14159 / EN 1672-2 and IP66).

Easy integration, Industry 4.0 ready

Integration into existing and new FFS packaging machines and lines for food and beverages for the treatment of packaging surfaces such as caps, preform necks, closures, cups and lids, trays, sealing films and flexible films is easy due to the modular and compact design of the BlueLight Hygienic System. The system is industry 4.0-capable and has a touch display that enables intelligent automated control and monitoring.

 Here you can find more information about the Heraeus BlueLight® Hygienic System

Box: The UV disinfection

The so-called UVC disinfection is a purely dry and chemical-free process, whereby at least 99.999% of the germ load is reduced. Only a few seconds of intense light are sufficient to kill germs such as bacteria, yeasts or moulds on packaging materials.