New Semray® UV4203 LED Curing System offers Higher Production and UV Process Flexibility

The air-cooled UV LED curing solution further develops concept of plug & play system and delivers faster line speeds and flexibility to optimize a wide variety of production applications in a simple to integrate and durable system.

New Semray® UV4203 LED Curing System Offers Higher Production and UV Process Flexibility.

Heraeus Noblelight announces its next generation UV LED curing system, the Semray® UV4203. Thanks to the state-of-the-art encapsulation concept of Noblelight and highly heat-resistant materials, the new generation offers improved performance with 15% more UV output and better durability at the same time. Semray UV4203 is ideal for use in industrial coating, converting, printing and bonding/adhesion applications. Most importantly, manufacturers can achieve productivity gains with more process flexibility by adapting to different process widths on the same production line. Meanwhile, customers can also enjoy the benefits that a LED curing solution provides such as the sustainability, energy cost savings and less maintenance.

Jim McMahon, Heraeus Noblelight America VP of Sales and Americas Site Leader explained, “No other air-cooled UV LED curing system offers this level of process flexibility in such a compact and powerful package for working at larger distances which is commonly needed for many production processes such as wide web converting, conformal coating, medical devices, electronics, pressure sensitive adhesives, metal packaging, and others. Manufacturers can easily retrofit or install the Semray UV4203 LED curing system on new production lines to increase production rates and lower their production costs without needing to expand their facility.”

Higher productivity at lower costs

Significantly faster line speeds are possible with the Semray UV4203 due to its high intensity even at larger working distances. By redesigning the thermal management and inserting more LED chips, the system provides 15% more UV output from 5mm working distance with high uniformity across side-by-side systems. At the most commonly used working distances, 20 to 60mm, UV output is 60% higher. Peak irradiance at the emission window is 16W/cm2 (395nm, 405nm). For many applications, the working distance from the lamp head is a practical consideration. Noblelight fine-tuned the optical focusing concept to ensure UV output efficiency at practical working distances.

Quick and easy module removal and a long system operating life of typically 15,000 hours reduces downtime. Additionally, each module has a replaceable LED engine resulting in less maintenance time and costs. Low energy requirements reduce electric operating costs.

Most flexible LED UV curing process solution

The Semray UV4203 provides the ability to change working distance, wavelengths, curing width and intensity to exactly match process requirements. This process flexibility means a single production line can run different products saving floor space while increasing production capabilities and rates.

The LED curing system features:

  • Greater than 90% uniformity even at a 20mm working distance with the advanced lens design
  • Easy module replacement for different wavelengths (365, 385, 395, or 405nm)
  • Ability to place modules side-by-side enabling different curing widths
  • Dimming capability from 20 to 100% UV output

Simple to install

The compact and light-weight modular system enables easy plug & play installation or retrofit into production lines requiring little space and without the chiller and hoses required with a water-cooled LED system. Also available is a power supply and control unit, which can operate up to four Semray UV4203 LED modules. The power supply connects to the LED systems using power and data cables and is compatible with typical communication protocols including DeviceNet™ Mark II, Profibus® DP-V1, or EtherNet/IP™ .