Infrared heat and UV technology for decorative plastic parts

Production in the IMD process benefits from Infrared emitters and UV technology from Heraeus Noblelight

IR emitters and UV technology for decorative plastics materials

Decorative moldings in cars, switches with a metal look or high-gloss fittings are made from injection molded plastic and coated on the outside. This is often done using the IMD process, the so-called in-mold decoration or also film back injection.
Heraeus Noblelight cooperates in the IMD technique with the specialist for thin-film technology LEONHARD KURZ and presents IR and UV technology for the optimization of IMD decoration and other intelligent manufacturing processes at the Fakuma trade fair.

In the IMD process, a carrier product with decorative lacquer is placed inside the injection mold. As the mold is filled with plastic, lacquer or paint adheres to the surface of the plastic castings. When the mold is opened, the lacquer then detaches from the carrier and remains on the plastic part. The coated part can now be removed.
The entire process benefits from IR and UV technology. The coated transfer product can be processed much better if it is preheated by infrared radiation and thus becomes moldable. After injection molding, the coating is cured by UV radiation and thus becomes particularly scratch resistant.

UV and IR in use at the KURZ Group's IMD facility

The LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG develops and produces fascinating solutions for surface finishing and functional coatings, which are applied to substrates and used for a variety of products, in vehicles as well as in electronic products, household items or furniture. IMD technology, which combines injection molding and plastic decoration in a single work step, is also used here. Among other things, infrared technology is used here. BAIER a KURZ Company is an expert and leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic decoration machines. The IMD components are cleaned of residues with CO2 in a BAIER system and then cured with UV radiation.