Infrared heat and UV technology accelerate converting and finishing of web materials

Kleinostheim, 31. January 2022

Web-shaped materials such as films, plastic films, paper or nonwovens often require heat, for example for drying coatings, laminating or embossing. Infrared heating systems with precise control offer many advantages: Uniform heating with powerful systems that enable high production speeds. Heating of edge zones avoids heat loss at the edges. Fast response times protect web materials from heat damage in the event of a sudden web stop.

The new Infradry modules combine efficient infrared technology with effective air management. This accelerates the drying of printing or coating on films, paper and other web-shaped materials.

Heraeus Noblelight will be presenting Infradry modules and other innovative IR and UV solutions for converting at the ICE trade fair in Munich in March.

New Dryer Module - Infradry Compact from Heraeus Noblelight

Two Infradry modules dry coatings on a fabric web by infrared heat with integrated air management.
Two Infradry modules dry coatings on a fabric web by infrared heat with integrated air management.

The Infradry Compact is a new high-performance infrared dryer module for aqueous paints, inks and coatings. It combines powerful twin-tube IR emitters with hot air and an integrated exhaust system to ensure effective and efficient drying.

To remove heat and water vapor from inside the module, the Infradry compact has a specially designed air duct that directs an evenly distributed flow of air into the drying area of the module, either through internal or external fans. This air is heated by the Infrared emitters, absorbs the evaporated moisture and then removes it from the drying zone. This prevents saturation of the atmosphere and also eliminates hot air leakage to surrounding heat-sensitive machine parts.

With its high power density and extremely efficient reflectors that concentrate the Infrared radiation onto the substrate, the new Infradry Compact offers very high drying performance.