New Heraeus Noblelight UV Disinfection Unit for Food Packaging

The BlueLight® Hygienic System introduced at ProFood Tech Expo in Chicago

Heraeus Noblelight’s new BlueLight® Hygienic System is a modular, UVC ultraviolet disinfection unit that offers food and beverage processors reliable surface disinfection of food packaging and up to 90% energy savings compared to traditional UV disinfection systems. Providing high UV intensity, BlueLight Hygenic System delivers the highest production rates with the most effective germ killing for form, fill and seal (FFS) machines. Heraeus Noblelight presented the new disinfection system to the North American market at ProFood Tech in Chicago this year.

Bluelight Hygenic Design for packaging disinfection

Reliably longer shelf life, reduced product recall risk

This innovative disinfection system is easy to clean and ensures food processing safety (DIN ISO14159/EN 1672-2 and IP66). Food and beverage processors get reliably longer shelf life and reduced product recall risks with significantly lower production costs.

Similar to Heraeus Noblelight’s other in-line packaging UV sterilization and disinfection solutions for the food, beverage and dairy industries, BlueLight Hygienic System uses no chemicals or water. In addition, it delivers reliable 3-log reduction of most reference germs in the food industry (Aspergillus brasiliensis, bacteria – salmonella, coli, including yeast and mold spores).

Easy integration, Industry 4.0 ready

Integration into existing and new FFS food and beverage packaging machines and lines for the treatment of packaging surfaces such as caps, preform necks, closures, cups and lids, trays, sealing foil and flexible films is easy due to BlueLight Hygienic System’s modular and compact design. The system is Industry 4.0 ready with a touch display enabling intelligent automated control and monitoring.

„Food safety is currently widely debated. The impact of production facilities on the quality of food products is very highly evaluated by manufacturers. With the new BlueLight Hygienic System we succeeded in meeting current hygienic standards and also offering excellent disinfection performance. This provides customers considerable added value for filling machines in the food industry”, explains Johannes Kraft, Sales and Product Manager at Heraeus Noblelight.

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