UV disinfection of process water in the paint store

Cleaning, rinsing, cooling - water is an important component in many processes in paint shops. For example, the ventilation systems with air humidification for spray booths require clean water.

For employees, it is even more important that process water is not contaminated with legionella and other dangerous germs. Usually, such process water is stored in water basins, cooling water tanks or holding tanks. In the tanks and line pipes, the water must remain germ-free and clean to protect employees until it is used.

Do you still throw chemicals into the water? Or do you already use UV disinfection?

UV light disinfects reliably and sustainably. This saves on maintenance and chemicals. In addition, germs and other microorganisms cannot develop any resistance, such as to chlorine.

The environment is happy about that.

Perhaps you already cure your paints and coatings with UV light?
UV disinfection of process water is a promising addition for paint stores.