humm3® - intelligent heat for composites

Find the right solution for your composite heating needs

humm3® technology

humm3® technology is a high power, flexible, controllable heat solution for Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Automated Tape Laying, Filament Winding and other composites applications. It is a sophisticated, pulsed light solution using three pulse parameters to hit target temperatures almost instantaneously

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humm3® product family

humm3® discovery

humm3® discovery

Ideally suited for research and development.

humm3® discovery has been born out of years of development from our original humm® lab system which has accumulated many thousands of hours in runtime and is in use in prestigious organisations around the world.

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humm3® enterprise

humm3® enterprise

Ideally suited for integration and industrial work.

humm3® enterprise has been developed due to an industry requirement of robust dynamic integration. enterprise is ideal for large production cells giving you the ability to enable high throughput for composite materials and components such as pressure vessels, pipes and aerospace components.

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