Control Systems

Control systems

Noblelight offers power control systems in both standard and custom configurations to meet your needs. We also offer our AccuPower systems.

Standard Panels

Specifying controls from Noblelight assures that the correct control type is matched to the infrared heating system. Noblelight offers a wide range of standard design control panels from 15-100 amp. Available in single or three phase configurations, these panels can be ordered as a manual control or as a closed loop as an option.

Closed loop option allows the user to set desired process temperature; the control system will hold that temperature regardless of line speeds or other changing process settings. The panel includes touch screen HMI interface with auto-tune function for fast and easy setup. The interface shows set value and process value, and has an option for manual control override. The closed loop option requires a customer-supplied input source such as a non-contact optical pyrometer which can be ordered separately.

Additional options can be added to the standard control panels. If you require any additional features please contact a Noblelight engineer to discuss your requirements