M85 Modular Infrared Heaters

M85 Modular Infrared Heaters

These simple housings can be used for any standard or custom heater produced by Noblelight. Once the heater type or design is chosen for the application, a KR reflector can be used as a low cost housing option. Care should be taken from the customer to protect operators due to hot operating surfaces.

Reflector Housing for mechanical lamp protection and mounting

  • Housing material constructed from 18 ga aluminized steel
  • Polished internal surface acts as primary or secondary reflector depending on heater type
  • Comes precut to specified length to match heater, and includes heater mounting hardware (assembled)
  • Provides for mechanical protection for the heaters against accidental breakage
  • Unique profile design hold up well against high temperature environments
  • Can be combined on a user supplied framework to form oven walls either in straight or geometrical designs (clamshell)

Standard cut lengths:

  • Single ended -- total heater length + 100mm
  • Double end connection (lead wires on both ends) --total heater length +140mm
  • Longer or shorter cuts are also available; please contact us for any specific requests