Infradry® Protec - For drying processes in extreme environments

Infradry Protec

Infradry®Protec was developed for processes in extreme environments, such as with solvent-containing material. The adjustable wavelength and flexible module length and width enable its best drying result. The use accelerates heating and reduces energy consumption at the same time.

Main features of Infradry® Protec

  • Module design and surface temperature compatible with ATEX requirement
  • Depending on solvent material, adjustable wavelength for best drying results
  • Flexible in module length and width according to your process requirements
  • Optimised cooling through simulated air management
  • Demand-dependent controls possible

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Advantages of our infrared solution

  • Can be flexibly adapted to the required evaporation time and rate
  • Theoretical and practical customer tests showed that cracks in the cathode coatings could be effectively prevented
  • By using our infrared solution, heating time and furnace length can be shortened and line speed increased

We have practical experience to find the best solution for you!