FiberLight® L3 - Enabling Mobile Spectroscopy

FiberLight® L3 is the ideal UV light source for in-field spectroscopy applications. Discover a new world of possibilities for mobile analytical equipment.

Environmental field based analysis has never been easy. Current on-site measurement methods are restricted by the mobility and limited battery life of the measurement device. Typically, a sample is taken in the field and then shipped to the laboratory for analysis. A very time consuming and logistically complex method.

The ideal light source for portable measurement devices.

Fiberlight L3

FiberLight® L3 is a unique and innovative light source module, which combines the features of LED technology, such as long lifetime and low power consumption with a broadband UV-spectrum for the first time. Following the trend to smaller devices, the compact FiberLight® L3 requires only a very small space in the instrument.

With its low power consumption, fiber connection and compact size, the module integrates easily into battery operated portable and handheld devices. The plug and play feature ensures easy integration and mobile usage to reduce integration costs and time per measurement.

First broadband UV-LED for portable spectroscopy: In-field analysis easier than ever

The unique light FiberLight® L3 unites the best of two worlds: The broad spectrum of the deuterium lamp and the long lifetime, low power consumption and higher efficiency of the LED light. Therefore, the new light source offers the advantages of state-of-the-art LED technology combined with a true broadband spectrum.

The technology to broaden the single LED spectrum is unique on the market and generates a broadband UV continuum from 250 – 490 nm. This opens up completely new application fields and gives unexpected flexibility in analytical measurement methods like mobile UV spectroscopy and flash chromatography.

The result: a new species of light – and an entirely new world of possibilities for your mobile analytical measurement.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Mobile in-field spectroscopy, due to unique combination of features

  • New application fields are possible, due to unique combination of features, like low power consumption (< 1.5 W), instant ON/OFF and small size (60 × 63 × 48 mm)
  • Incorporates optical fiber coupling and plug & play set up for easy integration into mobile and handheld analytical instruments
  • Broadband UV spectrum (250–490nm) enables the detection of a wider range of substances
  • Can operate in pulsing or continuous modes with excellent stability
  • The long lifetime (> 5.000h) allows longer maintenance cycles and reduces costs

Making spectroscopy more mobile

Making spectroscopy more mobile

Applications for FiberLight® L3

FiberLight® L3 will find immediate application in instruments for

  • UV-Vis Spectroscopy (Portable and Fixed installed) and
  • Flash Chromatography

used in environmental monitoring such as:

  • Air quality
  • Water quality
  • Soil monitoring
  • Protein purification

Video: The first broadband UV LED

Discover new possibilities of mobile analytical measurement in our video!

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