BlueLight® Flash Dairy System - Reliable pulsed light disinfection for the dairy industry

The latest innovation joining the BlueLight® family – pulsed light disinfection for dairy pots and lids.

BlueLight® Flash Dairy is designed to easily integrate into form-fill-and-seal machines. Its powerful modules effectively irradiate a variety of configurations of pot carriers/cell plates, with a modular design to reduce downtime and simplify maintenance. BlueLight® Flash systems have a small footprint, making them perfect for applications where space is constrained.

BlueLight® Flash Dairy - Reliable pulsed light disinfection for the dairy industry

About The System

All BlueLight® products utilise ultraviolet (UV-C) light for disinfection. UV light inactivates pathogens by destroying the structure of their DNA.

Our BlueLight® Flash Dairy system includes power and control cabinets, a chiller unit, flexible connections, and flash lamp modules. This system effectively disinfects pots, lid foils and other packaging.

Product Features

  • >Log 4 (99.99%) reduction in micro-organisms, without using chemicals or mercury lamps.
  • Pulse frequency up to 5Hz to keep up with high-speed automated production lines.
  • UV sensor for lamp lifetime monitoring, ensuring process control.
  • Standardised lamp units and spare parts for low cost of ownership.
Product features BlueLight® Flash Dairy system