Semray® UV3004 LED UV Curing Solution

A stackable, backward compatible water-cooled LED curing system with higher output and durability to optimize your UV curing process even in challenging environments.

Semray® UV3004 LED UV Curing Solution

The Noblelight water-cooled Semray UV3004 LED curing system brings high efficiency, stability and resilience to customers needing consistent productivity and minimum production downtime in challenging working environments.

Ideal for coating, bonding and adhesion processes across a broad range of industries from batteries, display bonding to industrial coatings, especially those located in challenging working environments such as high class clean rooms and high temperature, humidity or dusty manufacturing areas.

Up to 10% reduced electrical consumption of UV3004 LED segment calculated compared to traditional lamp, as well as the ease of handling with weight reduction to the 4.2kg of UV LED fixture itself (w/o bracket or boots).

*Typical value under standard lab condition

Semray® UV3004 offers these benefits:

  • High productivity: higher line speeds and increased production uptime, even in challenging operating environments
  • Reduced downtime: more than twice expected lifetime vs. current UV lamp technologies*
  • Backward compatibility: easy retrofit and field replacement of existing curing systems.
  • Process flexibility: stackable, flexibility in edge-to-edge mounting of LED lamps to span any web-width, easy working distance, intensity and wavelength adjustment
  • Water cooling system eliminates expense and maintenance of cooling blowers, and reduces risk of dirt in the working environment which improves coating quality
  • Sustainable manufacturing process: reduces VOCs, CO2, and is ozone and mercury free

Product Advantages

  • Long lifetime >20,000 hours
  • High intensity, robust & reliable water-cooled system
  • Dimming from 40% to 100%
  • Homogeneity >90% from 30 mm working distance
  • Ease of handling by weight reduction of 80% compared to current UV system offerings
  • Quick connect fittings for electrical and water connections

Application areas

  • Ideal for a wide variety of coating, bonding and adhesion applications such as metal coating, pipe coating and display bonding in multiple industries from battery manufacturing, automotive, medical device, and beverage cans to functional film and display, etc.
  • Robust and reliable in challenging working environment from high class clean room to dusty production areas

Technical data

Features Parameter
Peak wavelength (nm) 365, 385, 395, 405
Typical intensity at emission window [W/cm²] 15, 22, 22, 22
Power Consumption [W] 2880 (typical)
Emission window (WxD) [mm] 267x42
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] Extended width available
Operating temperature [°C] 10 - 40
Operating humidity 80% (Max.)
Cooling type Water-cooled
Coolant flow [L/min] 7-8
Cooling water temperature [°C] 20-25
Enclosure Rating IP54

Irradiance uniformity test results

Technical data: Semray® UV4203 irradiance uniformity test results


Download Semray® UV3004 details and specifications here!