Retrofit Your Existing F450 UV Curing System with the new UV LED Solution in Minutes

Retrofit Your Existing F450 UV Curing System with the New UV LED Solution in Minutes

Designed as a drop-in replacement, upgrading your screen printing or other UV curing process to UV LED takes only minutes, not days!

The new Semray® UV4103-3SP is a UV LED curing system designed specifically as a retrofit for existing Noblelight (Fusion UV) 10-inch F450 microwave-powered UV curing systems. Get the operating cost savings of UV LED curing technology without losing significant production time. No need to change PLC connections or fabricate a new light shield. The new UV LED curing system mounts into your existing F450 10-inch light shield and easily connects to your existing PLC controls.

Your Advantages:

  • Quick and simple conversion to UV LED curing capability
  • Minimizes production interruption and costs to upgrade to UV LED technology
  • Energy cost savings of 75%
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to fewer consumable parts and twice the operating lifetime
  • Increased production rates due to less downtime
  • Typical payback is less than 2 years


Comparable in power class to the 10-inch F450 microwave-powered UV curing system using a “D” bulb, the Semray® UV4103-3SP curing system is ideal for curing UV LED formulated screen inks on glass and plastic bottles, containers and other applications where the inks are formulated to cure using 365, 385, 395 or 405 nm wavelengths.

Technical data:

The Semray® UV4103-3SP UV LED curing system consists of a 3-segment Semray 4103 UV LED lamp assembly and one controller power supply with the necessary cables and light shield mounting brackets.

Model: UV4103 Segment
Peak Wavelength [nm] 365, 385, 395, 405
Typ. Irradiance [W/cm2] 365 nm: 13
385 nm: 15
395 nm: 18
405 nm: 17
Typ. Optical Output [W] 365 nm: 150
385 nm: 170
395 nm: 210
405 nm: 195
Typ. Power Class [W/cm ] 365 nm: 20
385 nm: 23
395 nm: 28
405 nm: 26
Electrical Power [W] 365 nm: 500
385 nm: 520
395 nm: 550
405 nm: 550
Emission Window [mm2] 77 x 45