CD-ROM / USB stick - Intelligent Infrared Heat

Technical CD on infrared heat

"What you have always wanted to know about Infrared"

The CD-ROM / USB"Infrared Heating Solutions" by Heraeus Noblelight has proved its worth over the past years.

The updated version of the CD with additions to gas catalytic infrared systems and many new application examples is now available.

Contents of the CD/USB:

  • Information on the application centers for electrical and gas catalytic infrared
  • Application examples in which IR systems from Heraeus Noblelight have been successfully used
  • Basic knowledge about infrared radiation as well as physical basics
  • Overview of the product portfolio of Heraeus Noblelight
  • NEW: How does the gas catalytic infrared process work? Successful application examples with gas catalytic IR systems

Instead of the "Infrared Heating Solutions" CD you can now order your copy on USB as well - whichever option suits you better!