Benefit from our experience and competence - Application-focused solutions from UV to IR

Are you looking for the right radiation source for your process, or would you like to test your application with UV light?
Find answers regarding applications from infrared to UV at our test centers and laboratories.

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Noblelight has set up Application Competence Centers around the world to test customer applications, exchange experience with customers and gain knowledge through trials. Under laboratory conditions, your individual process can be simulated and specific applications can be examined.

Following successful laboratory trials, your process can be tested with test emitters at your production plant, provided this is technically feasible to give you certainty about the scaling to your production processes.
Decades of experience with radiation sources and a solid technical basis are optimal conditions for solving the most difficult issues. Competent and experienced technical staff accompany and supervise the tests at the Application Competence Center or at the customer's site.

The Noblelight Application Competence Centers give customers answers to important questions in step with actual practice:

  • Can I optimize my process with infrared or UV radiation?
  • How does my material behave?
  • Which emitters are best suited for my process?
  • How do they have to be dimensioned?
  • How can they be integrated into my production process?

A list of some of our services:

  • Assistance with feasibility analyses
  • Assistance with process design
  • Contact with formulators
  • Laboratory tests
  • Tests with systems at your site or at our test centers

The chart below lists the testing capabilities that are available at each US American site based on the type of equipment and the application tools.

Equipment Gaithersburg, MD Germany ACC Japan China
Microwave lamp systems F300 MB
F600/VPS (x2)
LH10/VPS (x2)
UV-LED Semray® UV4003/4103
Semray® UV2000
Semray® UV5000/7000
Soluva UVC (254nm)
UVC (185/254nm)
Heraeus arc lamps
Xe-Flash lamps
Conveyor LC6 benchtop, 150mm wide
Floor standing, 25 - 50cm wide
Nitrogen inerting
3-D curing facility Microwave lamps
IR lamps sw/mw/cb-lamps and modules
Radiometers EIT Power Map
EIT Power Puck II
Heraeus NobleProbe
Meyer bars / K Bars
Hand applicators for flexo inks
Applicator for offset inks
Spray application booth and spray gun
Test equipment Surface temperature IR thermometer
Cross hatch adhesion
Gloss meter
Pencil hardness
General Lab oven

Testing infrared, UV and arc and flash on site in step with actual practice

Rental equipment

Noblelight offers customer-specific tests both at its test centres and on site at its customer's premises.
For the on-site tests, you may rent arc and flash lamps and infrared or UV test equipment consisting of complete modules and the necessary electric control systems.
Our engineers cooperate closely with our customers to determine the best emitter type and the best configuration for the respective application.

Regional Testcenters and contacts worldwide

Infrared Testcenter Kleinostheim

Excelitas NoblelightExcelitas Noblelight GmbH Reinhard-Heraeus-Ring 763801 Kleinostheim

UV Testcenter Kleinostheim

Excelitas NoblelightExcelitas Noblelight GmbH Reinhard-Heraeus-Ring 763801 Kleinostheim

Arc and Flash Testcenter Cambridge

Excelitas Noblelight Cambridge, UKExcelitas Noblelight Ltd. Cambridge Science Park, Milton RoadCambridge CB4 0GQ

Infrared Testcenter Neston

Excelitas Neston, United KingdomExcelitas Noblelight Ltd. Millennium Court, Clayhill Industrial Estate, Buildwas RoadNeston CH64 3UZ

UV Testcenter Gaithersburg

Excelitas Noblelight Gaithersburg, MD, United StatesExcelitas Noblelight America LLC 910 Clopper RoadGaithersburg, MD 20878

Infrared Testcenter Shanghai

UV Testcenter Shanghai

Infrared Testcenter Tokyo

UV Testcenter Tokyo

Excelitas Spa

Via Dei Chiosi 1
20873 Cavenago Brianza