5 things you should avoid during infrared heating processes

5 things you should avoid during infrared heating processes

1. Vibration

If an infrared emitter is constantly vibrating, the operating life of the filament can be severely compromised. Decreasing the vibration will enhance lifetime.

2. Touching the emitters with bare hands

When the emitter needs to be exchanged, it should be fast and it is tempting to touch the emitter with bare hands.

But: The perspiration on the fingers will in the course of time produce unpleasant effects on the emitters. A pair of cotton gloves are a simple measure to help you get the job done!

3. Operating the emitters with overvoltage

An emitter designed for 220V operating with 380V? That's not a good idea. This puts so much strain on the emitter that its operating life is drastically reduced. Therefore, you should check whether the applied voltage matches the used emitter.

4. Cleaning the gold reflector with a solvent

Quickly clean everything, preferably with solvents? Better not do that, because chances are that along with the dirt the gold reflector will come off as well. An emitter without a gold reflector will be less efficient in focusing the energy on the product and rather heats the environment surrounding the product.

Better at cleaning: Use Heraeus cleaning cloths!

5. Not using the know-how of our application experts!

Only if the infrared system is perfectly adapted to the product and the process, will it run efficiently. In order to improve the quality, stop energy waste and save costs, it pays to get Heraeus Noblelight application specialists on board at an early stage.