White is not white - a Nanoreflector makes the difference!

QRC Nanoreflector

The infrared emitter with the QRC® Reflector (QRC = quartz reflective coating) contains a white reflector made of opaque quartz glass, not metal oxides. Quartz glass is extremely heat-resistant, as well as being resistant to attacks from acids and other aggressive substances. A gold coating on the infrared emitters reflects the radiation very effectively, to the extent that the effective radiation onto the product is almost doubled. Measurements have shown that the opaque quartz material has a reflectivity of around 60 to 70%. This is less than gold but similar to that of a highly polished aluminium reflector. However, an aluminium reflector progressively loses its reflectivity, as, over time, aluminium oxide builds up on its surface. In contrast, Quartz glass forms no such oxide coating over time.

The reflector sits directly on the emitter and, unlike an external reflector, there is no additional fitting necessary to fix it in position.