How is your customized home shelf linked to UV light?

The idea of a fully customized home becomes reality more and more. As décor printing is becoming more and more affordable and accessible to everyone. This is due to the fact that the used materials are available in wider range and the ranges of machines is constantly growing, opening therefore a wider selection of affordable designs.

How is your home shelf linked to UV light?

The decor printing industry is focused on five main customization products: wallpaper, upholstery, glass, tiles and wood. From them, wallpaper production and wood customization are certainly the most commercialised products because of the fast production rate, storage, transport and diverse implementation.

Owning a wallpaper with a specific photo or a shelf with a unique design is possible, affordable and fast thanks to the digital printing technology. Digital printing is widely used in this industry, not only for reproducing different patterns in a row rapidly and with less waste than with traditional manufacturing processes, but also due to the possibility of customization to satisfy the needs of the clients. Digital printing proved to be the technology of choice in comparison to more traditional printing technologies such as rotary screen due to the more common implementation of UV light sources that enable a fast and efficient drying and curing process. Especially the used of UV LEDs come more and more into focus due to low maintenance, long lifetimes and significant energy saving. Also, the constant evolution of UV LED systems enable a wider implementation of the light sources in various machine set-ups.

Another method that plays an important role in the decor industry is gravure printing, which allows printing a pattern repeatedly in large quantities and in different colours. For example, is gravure printing used to print wood-effect designs on paper/film which is the laminated on an additional substrate to be used as flooring or furniture. Gravure applications on wood and glass on the other hand are not widely in industrial scale as quite some handcraft is involved in the process.

The wall décor market is expected to increase at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.0% during the forecast period 2018-2027 and reach a value of over 50.000 Million according to the market report published by Future Market Insights titled “Wall Décor Market: Global Industry Analysis & Opportunity assessment”. This is due to the growth in the demand for different décor products such as wall stickers, shelves, and frame, metal or mirror works. But wall décor is more focused on commercial and advertisement businesses, just to mention restaurants, showrooms, offices, congresses or educational institutes. Due to the growing purchasing power in Asia-pacific countries such as China, the rise of its middle class and desire to westernization at housing, the Asian market is positioned as a growth leader in the decor industry.

Driven by the adoption of digital printing, the décor printing market is enthusiastically embracing the opportunities created by customisation of its products. Homes, offices, commercial premises all use items which can benefit from customisation of design: from cooperate design to family pictures, many more design ideas can be shaped.