UV light on. Viruses off.

In the fight against the Corona pandemic, Hanau is the first city in Germany to equip its bus fleet with UV-C (UVGI) air purifiers from Heraeus. UV light is effective against Covid-19 pathogens and thus helps protect the public. The Brothers Grimm City partnered with Heraeus to use UV-C disinfection in some buses and rooms to protect people.

How does UV disinfection work?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is part of the natural light spectrum. The UV-C wavelength of 254nm destroys 99.99 percent of the virus' RNA. Several scientific studies prove this. For decades UV light has been used to purify drinking water and air in airports, and to disinfect packaging, including baby food. UV-C light disinfection is chemical-free, ozone-free, without virus collection filters and viruses cannot build up resistance to it.

UV-C (UVGI) devices from Heraeus are safe and quiet

Our UV light solutions are absolutely safe, economical, easy to use and quiet. Therefore, they are ideal for use in classrooms, retail stores, surgeries, law offices and public spaces. Our air disinfection devices contain the UV light within shielding occupants from harmful UV rays. This ensures workplace safety and the health and wellbeing of occupants.

Hanau equips bus fleet with UV air filters
Hanau equips bus fleet with UV air filters
Hanau equips bus fleet with UV air filters

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Soluva® Air V

Developed for UV-C (UVGI) disinfection in vehicles, this permanently installed device is ideal for installation in public transport ventilation systems. It can disinfect up to 3000 m³/h of air.

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UV retrofit is possible in all bus types

In just 6 weeks, Heraeus Noblelight worked closely with HSB to develop a certified UV retrofit solution for the ventilation system of the city buses. The retrofit time is only two to three hours per bus for each UV-C (UVGI) lamp. The devices are CE-certified and successfully passed the tests of the VDE Institute. With few modifications, the solution is suitable for retrofitting all bus types worldwide. Installation during new vehicle manufacturing would require almost no additional time.