Safe UV (UVGI) air purification in medical practices, waiting rooms and during treatment

UV disinfection protects patients and staff at the doctor's, dentist's or veterinarian's office

Acute injuries, the annual cancer screening, or the clarification of symptoms make a visit to the family doctor, the specialist or a medical center necessary. Equally important is the regular appointment with the dentist, and even pets need to see the vet from time to time. These are important appointments that should not be missed, even in times of pandemics or flu outbreaks.

However, no one wants to get infected with viruses that may be brought in unknowingly. UV air cleaners in the waiting room and treatment room in the medical practice supplement the usual hygiene measures. UV light provides additional protection for patients and staff.

Proven efficiency: UV-C air purification

Proven efficiency: UV-C air purification with Soluva

Heraeus Soluva® UV-C air purifiers are the best technical solution to immediately render viruses harmless.  Current studies show that UV-C light immediately inactivates viruses, bacteria and fungi. Device testing verified a cleaning effect of 99.99% virus reduction.

UVC light immediately destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi. The integrated fan of the Soluva® Air W circulates the room air efficiently. Testing shows it produces no ozone or other by-products.

Our UV-C air purifiers are  CE certified. The operating lifetime of the UV-C lamps is approximately 16,000 hours. In a medical practice which is open 10 hours a day for 46 weeks a year, the Heraeus UV-C lamps last about 7 years. UV lamps are easy to replace and can be returned to Heraeus for recycling.

Soluva® UV air purifiers from Heraeus Noblelight purify the air without filters, saving the medical practice the costly and time-consuming replacement of  HEPA filters.

UV disinfection of surfaces and objects

Everything touched by many people in a medical practice must be disinfected regularly.  Soluva® Zone H is a mobile UV disinfection device that disinfects surfaces quickly and safely.

Wet disinfection is not suitable for all surfaces and is often time consuming and cumbersome. Soluva® Zone H, on the other hand, is battery-operated. After only a short instruction, you can integrate the use of the Soluva® Zone H into your cleaning schedule.

Corona not over yet, flu wave approaching? Equip the waiting room and the medical practice with UV air purifiers now!

Soluva® Air W units in the waiting room - mobile or wall mounted.

. Sichere UV-Luftreinigung in der Praxis, im Wartezimmer und bei der medizinischen Behandlung. Soluva® Air W Geräte im Wartezimmer mobil oder an der Wand montiert.

In addition to all the usual hygiene measures, a  Soluva® Air W ensures air purification in the treatment room. Use it at a low level setting during the examination and then, between patient exams, use it at a maximum level setting. It also ensures clean air in waiting rooms.

 Case story Dentist Dr. Zerini

 Case story Cardiology Practice

Soluva® Zone H disinfects surfaces at the counter and in the reception area

Soluva® Air W Geräte im Wartezimmer mobil oder an der Wand montiert. Sichere UV-Luftreinigung in der Praxis, im Wartezimmer und bei der medizinischen Behandlung

 Soluva® Zone H devices disinfect restroom facilities, handrails, handles, elevator buttons, keyboards, faucets, treatment tables - in short, everything that many people touch - with UV light.

 Case story Podiatry Practice Wollek, Germany

Soluva® Air D destroys viruses directly purifying the air in ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Soluva® Air D zerstört Viren direkt bei der Luftreinigung in raumlufttechnischen Anlagen.

Halls and other large spaces with HVAC systems benefit from UV air purification using  Soluva® Air D units.

 Case story Vaccination Centre Offenbach, Germany

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