Encouragement for restaurants and retail

Heraeus Noblelight and City of Hanau support purchase of UV-C air purifiers

Air disinfection against viruses with the Soluva® Air W from Heraeus at Cafe Schien.
Air disinfection against viruses with the Soluva® Air W from Heraeus at Cafe Schien.

Hanau, 16. February 2021

Preparing retail and restaurants for reopening - this is the focus of the "Plan for a New Start", with which the city of Hanau wants to give a helping hand to the industries most affected by the Corona pandemic. This helping hand includes air purification equipment from Heraeus Noblelight. "The company will grant special conditions to Hanau retailers and restaurateurs. And the city will additionally subsidize the purchase," announced Hanau's Mayor Claus Kaminsky. The air purification devices are one component of the measures intended to enable customers to shop, enjoy and experience Hanau with a good feeling.

"Trade and restaurants are doing badly, many are struggling to survive. We want to help and encourage with our program," explains Kaminsky. The air purification devices from Heraeus Noblelight, which use ultraviolet light to immediately destroy SARS-CoV-2 viruses and also the mutations, are just as much of an encouragement, says the Mayor. The first devices were installed at Café Schien on Kanaltorplatz and at the Berné Dance School. "We are consistently taking the next step here to use UV-C technology to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection," Kaminsky said. So far, thanks to its strategic partnership with Heraeus Noblelight, the city has already deployed the UV-C air purifiers in HSB buses and initial school classrooms.

At an on-site meeting at Café Schien, Kaminsky thanked Heraeus Noblelight for granting a special prize to Hanau's operators of restaurants, shops and leisure facilities. Anyone who has purchased a device can subsequently apply for a subsidy from the city of Hanau. This amounts to a maximum of 1,000 euros per business. Contact person at Heraeus Noblelight is Nico Barthel.

"We have earmarked 100,000 euros for this in our 'Plan for the Restart'," reports the Mayor. This means a maximum of 100 companies in the city can take advantage of the subsidy to help pay for installing the UV-C devices. However, those interested must first purchase the equipment and can then apply to the city for a pro-rata reimbursement afterwards. The relevant forms can be found on the Internet at corona.hanau.de.

In this context, Kaminsky emphasizes that the purchase of the air purification devices is not just "Corona economic promotion", but brings sustainable benefits for businesses - even beyond the current pandemic. In combination with the extremely successful hygiene check, in which around 400 stores and establishments are now participating, Hanau can distinguish itself as a Corona-compliant shopping and enjoyment location, said Kaminsky: "The acquisition of the devices therefore also has positive effects in the long term." In terms of a sustainable investment for the location, recipients of city funding also commit to becoming Grimmscheck partners or sticking to core opening hours (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.). "This will have a positive effect on the shopping experience in our city," the Mayor is certain.

Jens Arndt, operator of the Café Schien, already has two UV-C air purifiers installed in his restaurant. He thanked the Mayor for the support of the city and Heraeus Noblelight commenting: "All traders, especially those in food establishments, should recognize this opportunity for themselves. Because, not only the clientele should be able to breathe a sigh of relief in the truest sense of the word, it also applies directly to protect the service staff! “

Dance school operator Ute Berné is optimistic about the near future: "We can hardly wait to welcome the dance enthusiasts back. Thanks to the UV-C equipment, we will be more comfortable when we reopen. After all, recreational activities should be fun, and thoughts of the virus should once again fade into the background, despite all the safety precautions that continue to be necessary."

Martin Ackermann, Managing Director of Heraeus Noblelight, is pleased about the "enormous growth in interest in our UV-C technology in Hanau and far beyond". He assures: "Air purification with UV-C is the world's best technology against the SARS-Cov-2 virus and for all other viruses. UV-C light destroys the SARS-Cov-2 virus and mutations immediately”, he said. UV-C air purifiers from Heraeus do not require expensive filters and are thus "up to 80 percent less expensive to operate over their lifetime than comparable systems with filters." He praised the city of Hanau for being "a pioneer in the use of new technologies throughout Germany." He was impressed by the "rapid implementation of new ideas," as can be seen in Hanau's businesses following the use in buses and classrooms. Heraeus Noblelight is happy to support this at its home location by offering a discount for local retailers and restaurateurs.

Air disinfection against viruses with the Soluva® Air W from Heraeus at Cafe Schien.