Heraeus Noblelight receives the innovation award from the German mobility industry

On November 15, 2021, the support group of the German Transport Science Society (DVWG) awarded the “Innovation Prize of the German Mobility Industry” in the “Corona Special Prize” category to Heraeus Noblelight. The special achievements in the mobility sector during the corona pandemic were recognized at a festive award ceremony in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt, Germany.

Heraeus Noblelight receives the innovation award from the German mobility industry

Hanau, November 16, 2021

As part of the German Mobility Congress on November 16 and 17 at Kap Europa in Frankfurt, Heraeus Nobelight is showing the Soluva UV air purifier in an accompanying exhibition.

Christian Rüth, Soluva Sales Manager at Heraeus Noblelight, is proud of the award: “We are convinced that additional air cleaning with UV light offers more safety for passengers and staff in local and long-distance trtransport. We feel very honored by the award! "

UV disinfection cleans safely and is sustainable

Corona viruses and other dangerous germs spread through aerosols in the air. Ever since the corona pandemic, travelers and commuters have been concerned about whether one could catch a cold, the flu or even corona with many people in a relatively small space. A very efficient protection for passengers and staff is additional air cleaning, disinfection with UV light.

Devices with UV disinfection are demonstrably capable of destroying more than 99% of viruses in the air. The UV disinfection works by inactivating the genetic information, which works with the original viruses as well as with newly emerging mutations. UV disinfection also destroys flu viruses, cold viruses and other dangerous germs. Due to the special mode of action of UV disinfection, these viruses cannot develop any resistance.

You can find detailed information about the award ceremony at www.deutscher-mobilitaetskongress.de (DE)

Further information on air cleaning with UV light can be found at www.soluva.com