Soluva® Air M10: Easy and fast UV-C air disinfection

Safe UVC disinfection device for larger rooms such as reception halls, cafeterias, production areas and warehouses

Soluva® Air M10 - the solution for UV-disinfection of room air

Soluva® Air M10 is the UV disinfection device for rooms with high ceilings that are large and/or where there is no ventilation system. Possible applications are production areas, cafeterias, cold storage rooms, hotel lobbies or auditoriums in schools. The powerful UVC disinfection device for rooms disinfects up to 1,100 cubic meters/ 38,846 cubic feet/ hour of air and mounts on the ceiling to circulate the room air, thus reducing the germ load.

The Soluva® Air M10 reliably disinfects the circulating air in large rooms and production areas, and is environmentally friendly and chemical-free. A simple and effective hygienic solution to protect employees and reduce business disruption – without leaving residue on the final product!

It's easy to get your UV disinfection device for rooms

  • Input room dimensions
  • Simply attach Soluva® Air M10 to the ceiling
  • Press a button to switch it on: air is consistently cleaned

Quick and easy installation of a highly efficient UV disinfection device for rooms. With its light weight, the Soluva® Air M10 can mount on any ceiling.

The unique design with intelligent cooling enables use in an exceptionally wide temperature range – and offers a unique solution on the market, high intensity and disinfection performance!

Reliable and safe disinfection of cold air

Soluva® Air M10 - the solution for UV-disinfection of room air in closed rooms without ventilation system

What do production areas in food, meat, dairy and cheese processing, the automotive sector, and storage facilities have in common?

The air must be cooled to protect the products and employees work in close proximity. Most processing areas circulate the air or use air conditioning units, but rarely is there any fresh air supply. Added to this is the need for employees to work in close proximity to one another, for example, along the assembly line: These are ideal conditions for particularly persistent germs and viruses to spread.

Protect your production and your employees

There is a reliable solution to break this vicious cycle and protect your production and your employees: disinfection with UV light. No other method is so effective, low maintenance and easy to install. The DNA of the microorganisms absorb the UV light which destroys their structure rendering the organism inactive.

Soluva® Air M10 - Flyer

Video: Soluva® Air M10- The UV disinfection device for rooms without a ventilation system.

Locations of operation

Product Discription

Your advantages at a glance

  • Reduces business disruptions due to employee infections
  • Safe and reliable disinfection (powerful disinfection using 254 nm UVC radiation)
  • Efficient protection for products and employees
  • Simple ceiling mounting
  • Easy, low-maintenance system
  • Environmentally friendly: chemical-free, exclusively ozone-free UVC lamps
  • No impact on employees and products
  • Use from 0°C possible
  • Disinfects up to 1,100 m3 of air per hour

Technical Data

Soluva® Air M8 Soluva® Air M10
Dimensions (W×D×H) 1415x382x456mm
(55.7x15.0x18.0 in)
(45.7×14.8×19.2 in)
Weight 43 kg (94.8 lb) 35 kg (77.2 lb)
Nominal power 1000 W 1000 W
Nominal voltage 1/N / PE AC 50 / 60Hz 230V / 120V 60Hz / 240V 60Hz 1/N / PE AC 50 / 60Hz 230V / 120V 60Hz / 240V 60Hz
Air volume fan approx. 1635 m3/h (962 CFM) approx. 2250 m3/h (1324 CFM)
Airflow rate approx. 700 m3/h (412 CFM) approx. 1100 m3/h (648 CFM)
Noise (measured in 1m distance) approx. 40 dB(A) approx. 54 dB(A)
UV-C power at beginning of Lifetime 200 W 200 W
Ambient temp. operation min. 0 °C (32 °F) / max. 35 °C (95 °F) min. 0 °C (32 °F) / max. 35 °C (95 °F)
Ambient temp. storage/transport -10 – max. 60°C (14 °F - max. 140 °F) -10 – max. 60°C (14 °F - max. 140 °F)
Relative humidity (non-considering) 25 - 80% 25 - 80%
Type of protection IP20 (IP54 for electrical control) IP20 (IP54 for electrical control)
Minimal ceiling height* 2.85m (9.35 ft) 3.0m (9.84 ft)
*Special solutions are available on request for lower room heights