Beta, Delta or Omicron - UV light inactivates them all!


Because these SARS-CoV-2 mutants all have RNA that carries their genetic information. In simple terms, when infected, the viruses cause the infected person's cells to reproduce this genetic information and use it to build many new viruses.

UV light inactivates the RNA of viruses

UV light inactivates the RNA of viruses

 UVC light attacks the RNA directly. The photons easily penetrate the outer shell of the virus and hit the RNA strand. There they cause dimer formation between neighboring bases on the strand. These dimers prevent the RNA from being read and thus inactivating the virus because it can no longer replicate.

For UV light it is therefore not important whether the owner of the RNA is called Beta, Delta or Omicron, since all of them have genetic information.

 Watch our video on inactivation of viruses by UV-C light

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Flu, runny nose and colds are also caused by viruses and UV light also attacks these viruses.

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Where is the Omicron contagion risk particularly high?

Supermarket? Gym? Restaurant? Where is the highest risk of catching Omicron?

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