IR for Glass Processing Applications

IR for glass processing

Many stages in glass processing need heat. In an increasing number of cases, infrared heating technology offers an excellent solution to heating challenges.

Annealing (Stablization of Glass by Heat)

After forming, glass develops stresses during cooling. These stresses can cause shattering during subsequent processing. To remove stress (and to reduce scrap), glass is subjected to an annealing process at a controlled temperature profile. Infrared heaters are ideally suited for this process because of their high degree of control. An annealing tunnel with infrared modules can be individually regulated with a fast response to effectively produce maintenance-free products such as incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps in an energy efficient way.

Operations in Vacuum

In the production of thin film solar cells, float glass sheets are heated prior to coating. This process requires a vacuum situation. Infrared lamps, which generate heat directly in the vacuum space, can heat the float glass very effectively. Heraeus can modify specific lamps for operation in vacuum by means of special sockets and leads with special voltages as required.

IR is also extremely effective in glass applications including cutting and laminating as well as dying and costing and tempering.

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