UV curing of optical fiber coatings

Optical fiber coating with UV light

UV light is used in the manufacture of optical fibers.
The UV cured optical fiber coating is used to close notches occurring during pultrusion, prevent crack propagation and protect and strengthen the optical fibers.
To color code and mark the optical fibers, UV curing paints are applied and cured within seconds with UV radition.

This protects the fibers against decomposition caused by cable gels, particularly in the case of multiple-fiber cable production.
Fibers cured with UV radiation are especially resistant to abrasion and scratching at high production speeds.

You will save energy, time and money by selecting the right UV solution tailored to your process.

Your advantages with UV solutions:

  • Curing of coatings within seconds
  • No use of solvents
  • High production speeds
  • Materials cured with UV radiation are especially durable and resistant to scratching and abrasion.
  • Low energy and time requirements

We have the solution for your optical fiber coating:

  • Dyeing of optical fibers
  • Optical fibers for telecommunications
  • Production of ribbon cables
  • Printing of wire and cable products
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