McNAIR Aerospace Center installs Heraeus Noblelight’s humm3 technology

Heraeus Noblelight Ltd., based in Cambridge (UK), the centre of excellence for flash systems technology, are pleased to confirm installation of their latest humm3 system to the McNAIR Aerospace Center based at the University of South Carolina, (US). This system represents a significant upgrade to the humm3 discovery system the McNair team have been working with.

humm3 at the McNair Center, University of South Carolina, (US)
Latest humm3 installation at the McNair Center

The newest installation of the humm3 system will comprise of a powerful, fully integrated system with a plug and play head module. The system is being integrated onto the Ingersoll Machine Tools Lynx AFP cell and will allow the team to further extend their capabilities of Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) and cylinder production.

Peter Lascelles, Senior Sales Manager for Heraeus Noblelight commented: “We are delighted that the McNAIR Center have selected humm3 technology to further explore the capabilities of composites heating technology. The McNAIR Center are experienced users of humm3 technology having had a discovery system for some years now. We look forward to seeing the great results they achieve with this even more capable product.”

The McNAIR Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research has a mission to ‘grow South Carolina’s knowledge based economy and support industry through aerospace education, research leadership and industry advancement.’  (McNAIR Center).

Keeping composites technology at the heart of its four thrust areas of its mission statement enables the Center to bridge the gap between technology and industry.

humm3 to assist the McNAIR Center team in advances in composites manufacturing

McNAIR Center Director, Dr. Abdel Bayoumi stated “We at the McNAIR Center are very excited to partner with Heraeus in upgrading our equipment to have the latest in humm3 technology. This upgrade will allow us to continue our activities in advancing composite manufacturing while also paving the way for new research opportunities.”

Burton Rhodes, Chief Engineer for the McNAIR Center added: “We are looking forward to the continuous improvement of Composite Manufacturing capabilities at the McNAIR Center. Through the upgrade of humm3 technology within the Center we will continue to expand the use cases of our equipment and maintain a competitive edge.”

The Heraeus Noblelight humm3 technology provides a high power, flexible, controllable heat solution for Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Automated Tape Laying, Filament Winding and other composites applications.

The technology has recently introduced two new product families: humm3 discovery which is ideally suited to research and development and humm3 enterprise which is intended for integration and industrial work.