Fast >Log-4 germ reduction with pulsed light for food and beverage packaging

Excelitas Technologies offers an advanced, efficient UV disinfection solution for food and beverage packaging in high-speed bottling lines. The Noblelight BlueLight® Flash Cap series was specially developed for disinfecting beverage bottle caps from 26 mm to 55 mm in diameter. The systems inactivate germs on surfaces such as bottle caps and sealing films in fractions of a second. They achieve a germ reduction of >99.99 % (Log 4) at cycle rates of up to 90,000 caps per hour.

Reliable disinfection with pulsed UV light for food and beverage packaging materials

Kleinostheim, May 29, 2024

The systems are made of stainless steel and meet protection class IP65. The required water cooling is supplied on request. The lamp modules are compact, can integrate into systems in any orientation, and are also suitable for retrofitting and simple replacement. This enables beverage and food processing manufacturers to implement the applicable hygiene standards reliably and cost-effectively while significantly extending the product shelf life. Treatment with the intense UV light of xenon flash lamps is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It does not require mercury and, as a chemical-free disinfection process, is also suitable for processing organic products.

The new system with pulsed light technology is immediately ready for use upon machine start-up, requiring no warm-up time. The integrated HMI interface makes it easy to adapt it to the respective filling or packaging process. Like all products in the BlueLight line from Excelitas, the particularly fast flash units also offer glass breakage detection and intelligent feedback. The manufacturer provides application-specific advice on the optimum design and supports system integration and commissioning.