Infrared heating for thermal processes in industry - Excelitas Noblelight in UK

Infrared thermal technology is efficient and precise. Almost all products require industrial heating processes during production. An astonishing number of them come into contact with infrared heat - and the trend is rising. Consequently, it is even more important that the correct emitter is selected for every IR heating application.
Excelitas Noblelight offers the total spectrum from UV to IR. We can help to find the optimum light source to suit your specific processes.

Stop wasting energy with Infrared heat?

infrared heat can improve energy efficiency

Electrical IR heating systems consist of emitters which show very short response time.
Industrial thermal processes, such as forming, welding or drying can be switched on or off within seconds.
Without pre-heating or standby you can save huge amounts of energy.

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Targeted Infrared emitters save time and space

infraed emitters adjusted to the heating process

Infrared emitters can be adjusted to product and process with power, voltage and wavelength. Even more, the form of an emitter or module can follow exactly edges, corners and burrs.
This helps to target heat exactly where it is needed.
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Some call them IR lamps, bulbs or emitters.
Others ask for IR systems or ovens.

How ever - we will help to find the optimum industrial heating solution for you!
Infrared emitters transfer effective energy from NIR to short wave infrared to medium wave.
Whatever suits best for product and process.
Just have a look!