Energy efficient production? Electric infrared heat!

Wasting energy is expensive - investing in modern heating processes pays off

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Infrared emitters for embossing, laminating, thermoforming

Stop wasting energy

Did you know that hot water, steam or hot oil are still used for industrial production today? Simply because that has worked for 25 years?

Did you know how much energy is wasted when you first have to heat a transfer medium such as oil, water, air or gas?

Infrared emitters transfer the energy into the product without contact and generate the heat exactly where it is needed.

Electric infrared emitters heat contact free, quickly and efficiently. Exactly in time with the process and without preheating or standby.

Save energy with infrared systems

Save energy with infrared systems by...

• High heat transfer capacity

• Contactless energy transfer

• Adaptation of the optimal wavelength

• Adaptation to the shape of the products

• Fast response times

Infrared systems save energy in many heating processes:

Carbon infrared emitters save energy in the production of dashboards

Carbon infrared emitters save 9kWh in the production of dashboards.

The emitters replace conventional metal strip emitters and steam.

 Case Story: Infrared heat for automotive interior parts

infrared oven saves energy

A medium wave infrared oven saves energy costs in the curing of powder coatings of sealing gaskets.

This saves two hours of oven preheating time.

 Case Story: Infrared heat saves energy and space curing powder coating

Infrared heat for glass bottles

An infrared system replaces steam for preheating glass bottles.

This saves more than €10,000 on energy per year.

 Case story: Pre-heating glass bottles before filling with the help of infrared emitters

Infrared emitters deburr particularly efficiently

A comparative calculation has decided it: Deburring glove boxes is significantly more efficient with infrared emitters.

Precisely matched infrared emitters save 80% energy per cycle compared with hot air.

 Case story: Efficient de-burring of glove boxes and door handles with the help of infrared emitters